Friday, January 04, 2008

prayers needed...

this will be a very short post. kindly pray for my aunt, estrella de leon. she is now confined due to vomitting of blood just this morning. thanks.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

when it rains, it pours!

it has been a while since i've last updated this blog....and i guess my decision of reviving it may benefit me in a way so i can release my it positive or negative without hurting anyone with my words or actions...

anyway, let's start off with what happened yesterday. well, i felt it was my lucky start with, during our morning break, our team went to starbucks to have breakfast...when it was my turn to pay i received this customer voice coupon which entitles you to a free tall beverage of your choice when you log in to the starbucks website and answer a short survey. it only took me around 5-10mins to complete the survey and voila! free coffee! then, after office hours, my bf and i went to greenbelt to shop for some gifts (yes, i so loooove cramming!) since there are still a few people left in my list without christmas gifts....(well, as of today i still have around 10 people)...but boy was i delighted to see what i wanted to give to them in the shops i visited! then after that, since i brought my sister's macbook with me so i can upgrade the OS...we went to visit power mac center in greenbelt....i really love the people there!!! they are so friendly and you can see that they are happy with what they do for a living....and the OS upgrade was for free!! we said thank you to the girl and also asked her if working there was fun....and obviously she did confirm it! ;-) so to end the night we had coffee in starbucks (again! good thing coffee does not affect my sleeping time!) and free wifi!!

little did i know that that was the end of my lucky day....i though it could go on for a week....ok, ok, i know that'd have to be called a lucky week...hahaha...humor me! well ok so just to update you on what happened today....the first half of the day was quite uneventful for me but come 5 o' comes one problem....

well...let me just give you an overview of a project i've been working on for about one month already...i have been assigned to test this certain project...everything was provided, the test script, test data....everything...but upon checking of the test did not tally with my adjusting was needed to fit the test script based on the data i had.....there were maybe about 5 versions of the test script before i got to start with it....this project should be implemented on Jan 1, by hook or by ok start of testing, upon initial screening of the data...some were invalid and others have adjustments and would not be fit for what we were when we started we had 123 test data then upon initial testing, it was now down to 84. testing required comparing of values in the test script vs what was reflected in the system after some batch along the way some negligible differences were noted and some not so negligible differences were also noted but still, they gave me the go signal to proceed with the testing. the department who was handling computations of some sort even asked for the source code of our mainframe system so they can look into the notable differences in some of the data....after a month or so nothing was heard from i assumed it was correct...i was even concerned when they asked for the source code because i didn't know how they can read the program. but then they told me it was their problem, so provide them with the source code i did......but after i talked to them a while ago...they were telling our dept to check on the program so we can look into the cause of the difference in values....whatever happened to the source code they asked for???!!!??? they told me that they had other things to do.....i wanted to tell them, 'what the??!!?? didn't you tell me that it was your problem how you would look into the program? so now you tell me that it's OUR problem......" people...i do wish that sometimes they own up to what they say they will do.....because i do exert a lot of effort to accomplish what i'd promise anyone i'd end of problem one...

after a few minutes, i get an email from our HR saying that i had a tax it's not a refund...actually it's the other way around....they had to deduct around 15k from me because of....what's that again?? i don't even know now...i went to their area to demand an explanation and all i get is 'yes, i understand....' but no resolution....i felt so helpless...since they will be starting the deduction this payout period!!! wow....and they even told me in my email that they will deduct it semi-monthly so it won't be too huge an amount for me to shoulder....thanks, huh? an advise the day before the cool is that?!?! i hate it...i don't even know what to do now..i was asking for the details of how they came up with the figures but they said it will be sent tomorrow since our payroll is outsourced...

then, as if two problems weren't enough, my mom aunt is now in the hospital, she slid off the stairs of the MRT (if i understood it right...) and now she's confined in cardinal it really true that everything comes in threes??

so there goes my has been a roller coaster ride for me...i do wish you people had a nice and warm Christmas!! and i wish you all a happy new for me...i don't know if i can be happy this new year....

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


well...since nauuso naman ngayon ang songs, sa fashion naisip kong irevive ang aking blog...hehehehe

this was my online diary before so i thought what the heck...why not continue with what i started diba? sayang least meron na akong puwedeng paglabasan ng mga hinanakit at opinion ko....

i guess in a way this blog helped me kahit papano....super tagal lang talaga bago ko siya naupdate because....mahabang kuwento pa so hayaan na nating ganon na lang....basta will try to update this regularly...sana lang mapanindigan ko na Ü

Thursday, February 23, 2006

leave form...

does this mean that if i go on emergency leave tomorrow i would have to file a leave form today?? what the hell happened to the meaning of "emergency"???

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


You Are Lightning

Beautiful yet dangerous
People will stop and watch you when you appear
Even though you're capable of random violence

You are best known for: your power

Your dominant state: performing

just wanted to do something that would serve as a think this describes me??

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

deepest fear....

i watched the movie Coach Carter while i was on a plane going to Germany....i heard from some people that the movie was a good one so i decided to watch it during the trip...since i was a bit sleepy that time, i decided to watch it again yesterday and in my opinion, it was one of the best movies i've watched in years....i loved the way Coach Carter disciplined his team and how he fought for his principles...

"our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate...our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us...your playing small does not serve the world...there is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you...we were all meant to shine as children's not just in some of us, it's in everyone...and as we let our own light shine...we unconsciously give other people permission to do the we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others..."
---Timo Cruz
Coach Carter

Thursday, December 01, 2005

one of my favorite songs...

such a nice song....i have been looking for the lyrics of this song for about a week now, and it is!!! i love this song....

lets give a little more this time

You're back in my arms
Now you're back where you belong
But baby i still recall those crazy days
We found new ways of hurting each other

The magic was gone
Now it's come back just as strong
But now that we found ourselves a second chance
It doesn't mean that we'll have another

* Please let's give a little more this time
let's try to keep in mind our love is on the line
Darling please, let's give it all we got
This could be our last shot
It's so no matter what
Let's remember to be kind
Give a little more (give a little more)

We had is a dream
And we let it get away
Somebody up there looked at us and knew
That me and you should still be together

I know what love means
And I'm learning day by day
No matter how good the feeling feels improves
We gotta work in making it better

*@ Please let's give a little more this time
Let's try to keep in mind our love is on the line
Darling please, let's give it all we got
This could be our last shot
It's so no matter what
Let's remember to be kind

Give a little more, give a little more this time
Let's try this time to be the best that we could be
Let's not make those same old mistakes that we went and made before
Baby let's give a little more, give a little more this time

Repeat *

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

the three question persona...

Your Personality Is

Guardian (SJ)

You are sensible, down to earth, and goal oriented.
Bottom line, you are good at playing by the rules.

You tend to be dominant - and you are a natural leader.
You are interested in rules and order. Morals are important to you.

A hard worker, you give your all at whatever you do.
You're very serious, and people often tell you to lighten up.

In love, you tend to take things carefully and slowly.

At work, you are suited to almost any career - but you excel in leadership positions.

With others, you tend to be polite and formal.

As far as looks go, you are traditionally attractive. You take good care of yourself.

On weekends, you tend to like to do organized activities. In fact, you often organize them!